Cherry gravy Sheri

20140910_211636This was the last of the fish in the freezer – so it had to end up on the plate just before we made our fortnightly trip to the Manama fishmonger’s this Saturday. And, yes, it had to be different.
I had planned to grill the whole fish – all five pieces – but decided to make a thick tomato, onion – and cherry, yes, cherry, paste and cook it in that.

Sheri fish: 5 small; Onion: 5 medium; Tomato; 2 large; Garlic: 5 cloves; Ginger: Finger length; Red chilli whole: 5 pieces; Green chilli whole: 2 pieces; Cherries: Handful; Fish masala: 1 tablespoon; Salt: As per taste; Red chilli powder: Half teaspoon; Turmeric: Half teaspoon; Dried mint leaves: A pinch; Oil: 2 to 3 tablespoons.

Grind into a fine paste the onion, tomato, chilli, garlic and ginger and heat over a high flame. After a few minutes, the oil separates. Add the fish, making sure the paste covers it. Cook for 15 minutes on a very low flame. In the blender, make a paste from the cherry, carefully removing the seeds. Mix this gently into the gravy. Sprinkle mint leaves. Cover for 10 minutes. Serve with rice and (or) bread. Garnish with onions and lime.20140910_211529

The USP:
The cherry was an afterthought. But it brought out a truly unique flavour to the preparation. Try it out.

Since this dish turned out to be rather ‘sharp’, one can reduce the number of green and red whole chilli’s.




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