Enter the Thupka

29Our recent visit to Sikkim was fascinating in many ways.
But one of the things that stood out was the food!
Sikkim is the only state in India where everything grown off the field is organic – no fertiliser or chemicals used – and that’s of course a healthy option. That apart, it’s that one dish that stood apart – the thupka!b
Anywhere you go in the tiny mountainous state, the thupka is omnipresent and, needless to say, I fell in love with it!
“Thupka, I will have thupka,” was what I said every time we stopped to have a meal, or a snack!
63The thupka is made in several different ways – dried, curried, watery, with meat, chicken, vegetables, dumplings and koftas – it’s the ‘in’ thing and freely available. The only common ingredient is noodles – and that, too, od several kinds.
I miss Sikkim – and would want to go there again – soon, and that’s when I would dig into the thupka again. Until then, of course, I will try it at home. It’s not a complicated dish to make, rather simple actually. It only needs imagination – and one can do wonders.


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