Thepla fusion

20140913_094534This is thepla, the traditional flatbread made primarily in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. However, variants are made all over the country, most famously in Punjab, where it is called the missi roti. I, however, made it in a combined Gujarati, Punjabi way and gave it an Arabic twist.

Wheat flour: One small bowl; Gram flour (besan): One small bowl; Onion: One (finely chopped); Green chilli: One (finely chopped); Garlic-ginger paste: One teaspoon; Methi (fenugreek) leaves: A handful; Red chilli powder: Half teaspoon; Turmeric: Half teaspoon; Salt: To taste; Jeera (Cumin) powder: Half teaspoon; Coriander powder: Half teaspoon; Amchur (dried mango) powder: Half teaspoon; Refined oil: A few teaspoons.

Mix all of the above ingredients, a little water and one-teaspoon oil into a bowl and knead into fine dough. Keep aside for 10 minutes and let it ‘set’. Make small balls from the dough and roll on a flat surface, much like the regular flatbread (roti). Heat a tawa (flat pan) and cook the bread, rubbing oil on both sides. These ingredients will make a dozen pieces.

The USP:
While in Gujarat, the thepla is made only from wheat flour, in Punjab, gram flour is added in equal measure in missi roti. I also put in mango powder, which is not normally added. And the Punjabi and Gujarati versions are not very spicy. The final twist came in the form of Arabic green chilli pickle and the very Gujarati aamrass (mango pulp). Fresh yogurt can be a side dish as well, depending on taste!



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  1. I just love theplas and your version looks just perfect Singh ji. … thanx for sharing with us…

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