Besan ladoo

besanladdu2Today, we made besan (gram flour) ladoos (balls) at home. I never imagined it would be so easy to prepare and come out so very delicious.
This is one of the very well-known sweets in India, available almost everywhere, though in different ways. I do not know what way this is but this is what we made and this is how it went:

Almonds – 20-25
Gram flour (besan) – 4 cups
Ghee – 2 cups
Green cardamom powder – 1/2 teaspoon
Powdered sugar – 2 cups

Step 1
: Heat ghee in a kadai and add green cardamom powder. Add gram flour and roast on low heat till a nice aroma is given out – for approximately 10 minutes.
Step 2: Crush almonds. Transfer roasted gram flour to a bowl and add crushed almonds and mix.
Step 3: Allow the mixture to cool slightly before adding powdered sugar. Add sugar and mix.
Step 4: Roll into even sized laddoos. Cool and store.



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