Grill and eat

20141020_202808This is dinner – home delivered – from a Syrian Arab restaurant near our home. We once home ordered meals frequently but have now started to ‘behave’ ourselves – cooking most of the time. That said, quick grilled meals are extremely cost-effective and popular here. Hundreds of restaurants – most being take-away places – are spread all over Bahrain and employ motorcycle riders who deliver in every nook and cranny.
A typical such meal would consist of a shawarma (meat filings rolled into a piece of flatbread) and mixed grill – chicken, mutton and beef (boneless and bone-in), kebabs, chops and bread! It’s quite filling and $15 dollars worth would feed a normal family of four.
The wonderful part of being in one of the Gulf countries is easy access to top class healthy food – and grills occupy the prime of place among that. A very generous helping of greens of all hues is always given along with the grills which, it is said, helps in digestion and prevents acidity. A lot of traditional Arabic sauce also helps along the way.



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