This fish sings

20141111_203036This was yet another first. Not only was this whole fish cooked without a trace of oil, it was also eaten on its own – no bread, rice, chapati!  And, of course, it was once again incredibly easy to get on the table.
Just clean the fish (whole), groove it on both sides with a sharp knife and ‘drain’ all the water. In a pan, squeeze a lemon, add red chilli powder, salt (to taste) and some black pepper powder. Rub this liquid on to the fish and grill it on 250 degrees F for 15 minutes after putting in a baking pan. After it is done on one side, turn it over and grill for another 10 minutes. The whole fish is ready to serve.
Separately, finely chop an onion and cucumber, squeeze some lemon and sprinkle a little salt and black pepper powder on it before mixing. This is a perfect accompaniment!
The best part of the whole preparation is that the whole house does not end up stinking – like a fish, literally! And, yes, this safi fish (also called rabbit fish) had just one ‘central’ bone, which made it all the more easier to ‘deconstruct’. I, for once, was extremely satisfied since fish bones can sometimes ruin a perfectly Happy Meal.
Happy singing!


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  1. Omgggggg i love those!!!!


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