Veggie Pasta Casserole

20141119_204207I have not really been cooking of late, hence the absence of anything “fresh” on this blog. However, what I have done is to rustle up some rather unusual, but pretty appetising, stuff which, one on the table, has been quickly devoured.
This pasta casserole was one such concoction, which took just 30 minutes to get ready and even quicker to completely vanish.
I boiled half a pack of rainbow ‘butterfly’ pasta and kept aside. In a pressure cooker, I boiled two potatoes, finely mashed them and also kept aside. 20141119_204222In a wok, I took frozen mixed vegetables, a few leaves of fresh spinach leaves and one finely-chopped onion. All this was lightly fried in two tablespoons’ oil after adding half a teaspoon chilli flakes, salt to taste and hall a teaspoon of garlic-ginger paste.
Five minutes of frying later and I added the pasta and fried for another five minutes. The contents were then transferred into a glass baking dish and spread evenly. The mashed potatoes were then spread on top of the pasta. The dish was then tossed into an oven to grill at high heat for five to seven minutes.
When a crust begins to form, remove from oven, cut into slices and serve!


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