The long roast

unnanhmedI so wanted to roast a leg of lamb and last night, thanks to the neighbourhood butcher, it happened. He gave me a large shoulder that I had sliced from the centre and cooked the top portion.
It did take time (two hours in the oven) but it’s incredibly easy to get going and required almost no effort.
After thoroughly washing the cult, slice it into several horizontal and vertical lines and keep aside.
In a dish, take a generous helping of of garlic ginger paste, a tablespoon of red chilli flakes and salt. Also add two tablespoons red sliced and pickled jalapeño peppers. Mix well and paste the mixture on to the cit, taking care to insert it into the grooves.
Wrap the cut tightly in aluminium foil but not before adding some thyme leaves, a little coriander powder, and some parsley.
After two hours on high heat (200 F), it’s ready. The cut will come out as shown, slightly browned in places and with great tasting soup. Serve with bread!
It’s lovely!unnahmed


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