Methi and Milk Chicken

IMG_1880It’s been quite a while that I have cooked anything to make these pages but this evening I thought this deserved to find some space.
This methi (fenugreek) and milk concoction, with a few chicken pieces thrown in, is the perfect dish to take away that boredom and an unwillingness to get into the kitchen. The only important thing, however, is to get there in the first place. Needless to say, I managed!
Take 500 grams chicken (boneless or otherwise) and sauté it over a low flame after adding a generous amount of finely-chopped garlic and ginger. In another pan, take a handful of dried fenugreek leaves, half a litre of milk and two tablespoons maida (all-purpose flour). Add salt, black pepper powder, pinch of red chilli powder and a few finely-chooped green chilli. Bring to boil over a slow flame.
15-to 20 minutes later, add to the chicken (or add the chicken) and boil on a low flame for another 15-20 minutes.
Serve with Indian flatbread or rice (according to preference). Of course, garnish with a few mint and/or coriander leaves.IMG_1877



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