Every Time is Shawarma Time


2This is the humble shawarma. The anytime snack, the always meal and the forever delicacy. Costs very little, it’s easy to make and is virtually everywhere. The favourite ‘between meals’ food, or even a meal in itself, the shawarma has been a winning Middle Eastern food for many decades.
There are several varieties of this available, the most common being the “Indian” version, made by Indians (read Malayalees, from Kerala state) and the ‘Bangali’ version, prepared by those from Bangladeshi’s.
But the best, and the most authentic, is the Turkish shawarma and the on prepared by Syrians, Lebanese and Jordanians.
But there’s a catch. Shawarma lovers can only indulge in the evening because these joints only start operating late in the afternoon and are ready to serve a couple of hours later.
As times change, however, it’s now available in the day at some places, giving the ‘anytime snack’ its…

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