Plate grilled lamb chops

These lamb chops took all of three minutes to marinade and, after sitting for a couple of hours, they went on the hot plate to cook! And that took a while since it’s a slow process, to enable the meat to get tender and be properly cooked through!
The marinade is quite simple. For 1.5 kilo of chops, take two to three tablespoonfulls of sour yogurt, add salt, a tablespoon of red chilli powder, a dash of cinnamon and some dried mint leaves (powdered).
Mix the chops in the marinade and set aside for two hours.
While cooking, keep turning every few minutes until both sides are dark brown.
Chop onions and tomatoes separately, mix in the left-over marinade and also grill on the plate.
The combination is just perfect. We had it with brown bread but nan bread or a tandoori roti would be equally good!



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