Red Riding Chick

Last week I discovered I had a five-litre ‘bag-in-a-box’ South African red wine stashed away in the ladder. It smelt all right, even for a wine novice like me – so I used it to ‘dress up’ chicken pieces in it.
And nothing could be easier to cook than this.
I took a kilo of chicken, chopped into small pieces, and ‘sunk’ it in the red wine. Of course, I added some salt, red chilli powder, a dash of coriander powder and some cumin. After two hours, the pieces were taken out and cooked on an indoor plate grill, taking care not to make the temperature too high.
Separately, I took two large onions (chopped), a large tomato (chopped), a couple of green chilli (finely grated) and some garlic and ginger (squashed) and put everything into the wine from which the chicken had been removed.
After adding just a little salt, the wine was reduced until all its contents were were blended together.
This mixture was the perfect accompaniment to the chicken, which we had with ‘roomily roti’ (very thin, large, flatbread).
Needless to say, we were ‘drunk’ on the taste! A surefire winner!


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