Temple times

As children, we used to get this every Saturday at the local gurudwara (Sikh temple) when devotees brought savoury (and sometimes spicy) black chickpeas as an offering.
Throughout the evening, the offerings were collected in a large cauldron and every visitor received a handful.
The ‘concoction’ was so tasty, it made us go back again and again and, sometimes, the priest, getting to know that we were up to, gave us a polythene bag full of the ‘prasad’ to take home.
I have tried to make something similar at home several times but have never even come close in terms of taste and texture. However, it’s rather simple (as i’ve seen it being made).
Finely chop tomato, onions, garlic, ginger and green chilli and fry till it’s golden brown in a tablespoon of oil. Then add the black chickpeas (boiled, after being soaked overnight), stir well and add salt, red chilli powder, a pinch each of coriander and cumin powder.
The dish is done when the oil separates and starts to ‘float’ on the sides.
Add a teaspoonful of dried mango powder just before serving.
Mouthwatering, of course, but very spicy!


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    1. Oh, yes! That’s THE BEST anywhere in the world!


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